A representative selection of our many projects. 

Business Consulting & Market Development

  • North American Rail Market: Scoping Report for a Domestic Infrastructure Analytics Provider
  • Market Entry, Business Development and Public Funding Advisory Services for a U.S. Provider of
    Structural Fatigue Testing and Monitoring Solutions
  • North American Market Entry and Business Development Support for a European Provider of Rolling Stock Maintenance Services
  • Rail Market Analyses and Business Development Support for a Provider of Group 2 Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Preparation of a Social Benefits Analysis of the Hudson Bay Railway (Canada) to Support Public Acquisition
  • Definitional Missions to Mexico: Development of a Multi-Sector Infrastructure Projects Guide and
    Scoping of Freight Rail Sector Projects (USTDA)
  • Desk Review of Proposed Feasibility Studies: Applications of Bi-Modal Technology in Ukraine,
    Railway Grinding Equipment in China (USTDA)
  • Assessment of the Global Rail Supply Market (Fortune 500 Client)
  • Operational and Financial Audit of the National Freight Rail Company (CFR Marfa SA, Romania)
  • Definitional Mission – MENA Railways Projects: Egypt and Morocco, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan (USTDA)
  • Technical Assistance for Operations and Infrastructure Management of a Petroleum Product
    Railway Terminal & Personnel Restructuring of the E&P Division (OMV/Petrom SA)
  • Strategic Advisory Services – Rolling Stock Acceptance (Austin Capital Metro)
  • Restructuring and Revitalizing the Railway of Azerbaijan (World Bank)
  • Technical Assistance to Improve Efficiency of the Bucuresti Heavy Rail Transit System (SC METROREX SA, Romania)
  • Development of a Railway Infrastructure Access Fee Regime (CFR SA, Romania)
  • Assessment of the Global Market for Integrated Railways Control Center Equipment and Services (Lockheed Martin Corp.)
  • Freight Railway Financial Strategy Project: Commercialization Preparation (CFR Marfa SA, Romania)

Public Funding & Financing

  • Preparation of an Application for U.S. DOT RRIF Loan Financing for a Large ($100m+) Rail Bridge Rehabilitation Project
  • Turnkey Services for a U.S. DOT TIGER Program Grant Application for a Project with Road, Rail, and Pedestrian Components (Cook County Dept. of Transportation & Highways)
  • Turnkey Services for Multiple TIGER Grant Applications for Investments in Amtrak’s Southwest Chief Route Infrastructure
  • Support for Multiple TIGER Program Applications for Multimodal Transportation Projects: State of Wisconsin; Garden City, Kansas, Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust; Port of Centralia, Washington, INDOT, NHDOT, Town of Windsor CO and Iowa County, WI.
  • Support for an Application for U.S. DOT University Transportation Center Funding (Northwestern University)
  • Preparation of an Application for RRIF Financing for a Large ($100m +) Rail-Intermodal Container Transfer Facility
  • Independent Financial Advisor for the Railroad Rehabilitation and Infrastructure Financing (RRIF)Loan Program (2003-13). Review of RRIF Loan Applications from: Great Lakes Central Railroad, San Joaquin Regional Rail Authority, Northern New  England Passenger Rail Authority, IANR, Iowa Pacific Holdings, Nashville and Eastern Railroad, and the Virginia Railway Express (FRA)
  • Preparation of Applications for $22 Million in TIGER Grants for Short Line Freight Rail Projects (Town of Windsor, Colorado/OmniTRAX, Iowa County/WI, Watco Companies)
  • Technical Assistance for Project Preparation and Financing, Los Angeles - Las Vegas High Speed Rail (XpressWest)
  • Technical Assistance for Public Financing Support for a New Freight Rail Spur and Associated Facilities
  • Great Plains Freight Rail Service Improvement Project: TIGER Grant Application (State of Kansas and Watco Companies)

Project Development & Management

  • Buy America Compliance Support: Electric Wide-Span Rail-Mounted Container Cranes
  • Project Oversight Services for the Construction of the Extension of the Bucharest
  • Metrorail System (METROREX SA, Romania)
  • Aggregate Unloading Terminal Siting Assessment US Midwest
  • Management Assistance and Institutional Development Requirements for the
  • Railway Modernization Project for the Bucharest-Constanta Line (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
  • Special Assistance for Project Formation (SAPROF) for the Bucharest International Airport Rail Access Link Project (JBIC)
  • Highway Project Technical Assistance for Aggregate Sourcing and Railway Transport Logistics (Bechtel, Romania)
  • Technical Assistance for High Speed Rail Development Program (New York State DOT)

Technical & Engineering Services

  • FEA and Safety Analysis Support for Design of a Specialty Transit Work Locomotive (SOCOFER)
  • Support for Design, Marketing and Commissioning of Switcher Locomotives (Knoxville Locomotive Works)
  • Regulatory Compliance Support for Passenger Equipment On-Board Systems (Wabtec Railway Electronics)
  • Advanced Train Management: Development, Rolling Stock Plan, and System Phase II Stage I Pilot Support (Australia Rail Track Corporation/Lockheed Martin Corp.)
  • Study of the Applicability of Switched Reluctance Drive Technology in Railroad Applications (US Department of Energy & Northern Illinois University CEET)
  • Development of Acceptance Test Procedures for a New Fleet of Australian Freight Locomotives (Wabtec Motive Power Division)
  • Locomotive Engine Test Facility Design (Graham-White, Inc.)
  • Development of a Switcher Locomotive Powerplant and Control System (Knoxville Locomotive Works)
  • Azerbaijan Rail Trade and Transport Facilitation Project: Technical Assistance for Locomotive Procurement (World Bank)
  • Systems Integration of Propulsion and Control Technology for a Work Locomotive (Toronto Transit Commission)
  • Review of Bid Documents for the Supply of 25kV AC EMU’s for Mumbai (World Bank)
  • Support Services for Design of Vehicle Drive Controller for Agricultural Equipment Prototype
  • LEADER installation support and Norfolk Southern Starter Kit Installation support (Lockheed Martin/Knorr Air Brake)
  • R156 Diesel Work Locomotive Specification and Design Analysis (New York City Transit)
  • Transit Locomotive Technical Assistance for Compliance with Flammability and Smoke Emission Requirements (Wabtec Motive Power, Inc.)
  • Advanced Locomotive Propulsion Project (Turbine-Flywheel Technology) Program Management and Technical Assistance Services (University of Texas at Austin)